Uplifted in Love – Email Designs for “walk in love.”

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What do you do when you see an email for yet another 20% off sale? When I’m not in the mood to make a purchase, I usually delete that email without a second glance. However, when receiving an email from the company “walk in love.” I almost always look through the email for one reason: I know I will see uplifting design.

walk in love. started in 2005 when founder T.J. Mousetis decided to sell 100 t-shirts to raise the money needed for his missions trip to Russia. On these shirts, T.J. printed the phrase “walk in love.” and the shirts sold with great success. By 2008, walk in love. had multiple designers and needed a photographer. That’s when T.J. asked for the assistance of professional photographer Brooke Courtney and their friendship soon evolved into a relationship and then a marriage.

The company has expanded and now offers apparel and other merchandise beyond t-shirts, but their mission has remained the same:

“create a great product that people love to remind them to love others like Jesus loves us.”

Through creative choices made on their website, social media pages and all company promotions, walk in love. has established a brand that captures this focus on love and the style of the company’s target audience of young adults. As a company that sells solely through online sales, without a physical store location, walk in love. engages numerous strategies to meet customers on the internet. Emails act as frequent interactions with customers, updating them on new products and promotions while reminding them of why they love the company.

But how does a company fight for attention in a crowded inbox? One article by the Creative Bloq called “20 tips for great email newsletter design” describes ways that a company can use design to capture people’s attention through email. One tip emphasizes the importance that “at a glance your newsletter design reflects you, your company and your message”.

recent email

At first glance of one of walk in love.’s emails, the text and visuals immediately give off an uplifting and cheery vibe. On an email sent out April 13, the subject line, “It’s a Good Day for 20% off Your Purchase” introduces a sale by exciting the reader rather than pressuring him/her to make an immediate purchase. The design of the email reflects the brand as well with its punches of bright color behind some of the text and photography of a girl in walk in love. apparel on a whimsical looking bicycle. The colors, imagery and minimalist design all align with the company’s focus on keeping a calm and joyful mind. Email subscribers do not even need to read the words in the email to feel walk in love.’s personality and brand message through their emails.

Besides keeping consistent and unique brand visuals in their emails, walk in love. also acts selectively in choosing their email content and design elements. The Creative Bloq article describes the struggle of balancing content with design by saying “So many brands try to shoehorn every link from their site into the newsletter. Noise is irritating. Keep your focus tight.” In all of walk in love.’s emails, such as this recent one for an Easter 25% of sale pictured below, the company keeps the design refined to a few elements. One sentence about the type of promotion and another sentence with a code to use for the discount plus a ‘shop now’ link are the only text elements in the email. The visuals in the design stay restrained to only a few high quality photos of people wearing the apparel while a few vector graphic elements add interest without overcrowding the page. walk in love.’s ability to keep their emails clean and easily scannable in design make their emails more exciting to readers.

When yet another email declaring a sale pops up in an email inbox, the message often goes unnoticed. But when a company like walk in love. uses consistently intriguing artwork in their emails through graphic design and photography, looking at emails becomes an exciting part of the daily routine. With design that lets the company’s products and identity shine, walk in love.’s use of design succeeds in uplifting others to always act in love.

Learn more about walk in love. through:

Website: https://www.shopwalkinlove.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shopwalkinlove/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/walkinlove

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/walkinlove/

Blog: https://www.shopwalkinlove.com/blogs/walk-in-love


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