Cards Crafted for a Change – Love 146

For some social justice issues, it seems impossible to find the words to say, let alone visuals to share that inspire hope. The organization Love 146 focuses on the issue of child trafficking and the challenging task of making its statistics numbers of the past through designs that inspire action. They have achieved this objective in one way through E-Cards.

These cards effectively encapsulate the movement that Love 146 aims to make prominent. Their page, Why 146, shares the experience that inspired the organization, its name and its mission. I recommend watching the YouTube video embedded on the page, but in short, Love 146 started after a trip to Southeast Asia where the founders went as undercover investigators to a brothel and saw children being sold for sex. As most of the girls sat in a room watching cartoons on a TV with blank expressions, the girl who wore the identification tag number 146 still had life in her eyes and an expression holding onto the fight.

Many of us probably watched cartoons as a kid, but hearing about children who have been stripped of their innocence and can no longer enjoy this simple moment of childhood inspires a desire to seek justice for these girls around the world. Love 146 has taken this issue and declared a mission statement of working towards seeing “the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less.”

To inspire the action needed to bring about change, this organization has found ways to stir empathy in people while inspiring a belief in hope and justice, in part through graphic design and E-cards. The website offers over fifty different cards to send, some general and others to send out for different occasions such as a wedding, a holiday, or even a bar mitzvah.

What most stands out to me about these cards involves their ability to be varied in design components but look like a consistent visual brand. Some cards use photographic elements while others vector images and others appropriated objects or hand drawn elements. The only component the cards share in common is a statement saying that the card is the name ‘Love 146’ or a statement that a donation was made in the recipient’s honor to Love 146. Despite these varied graphic design elements though, all of the cards look like the same brand, with a bit of girl flair and visualizations of hope for justice already in the works.

One article by Design Shack shares seven tips for designing consistency that looks applicable when evaluating the consistency of Love 146’s branding through E-Cards. Some of Design Shack’s tips involve focusing on size and relationship of elements as well as space and how it is used. All of the company’s cards use adequate white space that gives a sense of airiness and some breathing room without appearing too minimalist. Additionally, the sizing of the name ‘Love 146’ remains within a set size range on all of the cards, ranging form small enough to still be legible to about a third of the size of the card.

This exploration reveals the possibilities for design even when working in the constraints of a specific brand identity. Love 146 has used an array of different types and forms of imagery and typography in its E-Cards but consistency in look and feel keep them unified with the brand. Some issues cannot be adequately expressed with words but the visuals created by Love 146 get us closer to voicing a problem in a way that inspires justice.

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